1. Each port group to count as one (1) district irrespective of number of vessel shifts between ports or places therein as follows:

A) Seattle/Everett/Tacoma/Olympia Area;
B) Bellingham/Anacortes/Port Angeles Area;
C) Willipa Harbor / GraysHarbor Area;
D) Portland/Vancouver/Kalama/Longview Area;
E) Astoria/Yaquina Bay/Coos Bay Area;
F) Humbolt Bay Area
G) San Francisco Bay/San Pablo Bay/Carquinez Straight Area;
H) Sacramento./Stockton Area;
I) Port San Luis/Estero/Morro Bay Area;
J) Port Hueneme/Carpenteria/Mandalay Bay Area;
K) Los Angeles/Long Beach/El Segundo/Huntington Beach Area;
L) San Diego Bay Area.

A) Honolulu;
B) Barbers Point;
C) Pearl Harbor;
D) Hilo:
E) Kawaihae;
F) Kahalui;
G) Nawiliwilil
H) Johnston Island.

A) New Orleans/Baton Rouge Area;
B) Lake Charles;
C) Pasgagula;
D) Mobile Bay Area;
E) Beaumont;
F) Port Arthur;
G) Galveston Bay;
H Texas City;
I) Houston;
J) Freeport;
K) Point Comfort;
L) Port Lavaca;
M) Corpus Christi;
N) Brownsville.

A) Miami;
B) Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale;
C) West Palm Beach;
D) Port Canaveral;
E) Fort Pierce;
F) Jacksonville;
G) Savannah;
H) Charleston;
I) Wilmington NC/Morehead City;
J) Cheasapeake Bay Area;
K) Delaware River Area;
L) New York Harbor/Newark/Port Elizabeth Area;
M) Long Island Sound Area;
N) Providence
O) Boston Harbor Area;
P) Portland ME.

2. Owners or Principals shall reimburse Transmarine for the actual expenses incurred in sending and maintaining necessary attendants to districts where offices are not maintained. Such expenses are in addition to the fees listed herein. Minimum out of town expenses $150.00 per night if lodging required and $50.00 per 24 hour day if lodging is not required.





3. When the Agent is required to furnish the services of Supervising Engineers for repairs, conversions, betterments, classifications surveys and/or other supervisory engineering fees, on/off surveys and condition/cargo loading or discharge surveys, including transportation and maintenance actual costs will be assessed as incurred.

4. Agent's services for taking inventories and/or providing Paymaster services onboard or ashore to prepare and/or audit ships' payroll, including assisting in actual paying off of crew, will be charged separately by Agent to Owner at rates to be previously agreed upon.

5. Agents to be allowed automobile allowance per district or per mile, whichever is greater for use of automobile attending vessel, in addition to fees listed.

6. Owners or Principals shall reimburse Agents for communications, subsistence, customs charges, transportation and other expenses incurred in husbanding the vessel.

7. When vessel load or discharge mixed cargo on berth/liner terms (excluding solicitation or booking of cargo). Husbanding fee to be 1-1/2% of gross freight on bulk cargo and 1-1/2% of gross freight on packaged/containerized cargo, but not less than fee per district defined in Clause A.

8. When multiple Bills of Lading are required, a Bill of Lading fee with the additional worked involved will be assessed as defined in the rate schedule.

9. When major repairs, classification surveys, attending regulatory requirements in connection with oil spills/EPA and/or OPA 90 violations or other related pollution emergencies, general average or other extraordinary services are required, special fees will be charged commensurate with the work involved. These special fees to be previously agreed upon.

10. Additional services for seamen required in connection with vessels not having called the port district as defined in Clause A: transiting, hospitalization, out-patient requirements, repatriation, maintenance, etc., and accounting to owners: $100.00 per person up to thirty (30) days. If a longer period, additional charges will be assessed commensurate with the work involved.

11. Owners or Principals to advance all requested funds prior to vessel arrival to cover the estimated port disbursements. Balances due to Agent on final disbursement account are payable immediately upon receipt of account. Interest to accrue at rate of 1-1/2% per month on the unpaid balance. Should the principal not fund the agent fully and the agent must advance funds to vendors to maintain vessel operations, then agent will charge 10% of the unfunded amount. Principal will be given prior advise of this charge to determine if they want to advance the balance of funds or pay the funding charge.

12. Any vendor discounts received by Transmarine Navigation Corporation in consideration of its total business volume or settlement of invoices may be credited in part or in whole to the Principals subject to individual negotitation providing full advancement of funds prior to the vessels arrival in the port where the services are to be rendered.

13. Specialty Owners Matters. For processing deceased crew/pax, assisting in crew legal incidents, or other extreme and unusual owners matters will start at $1000 per incident. Any charge above this to be agreed upon with the owners prior to billing.

TRANSMARINE NAVIGATION CORPORTATION accepts agency representation providing that Owners and Principals shall defend TRANSMARINE NAVIGATION CORPORATION and hold it harmless from all matter of lawsuit and legal action against TRANSMARINE NAVIGATION CORPORATION alleged to arise out of operations or conditions connected with vessel or her crews, owners, charterers and/or cargoes and reimburse/compensate TRANSMARINE NAVIGATION CORPORATION for any and all expenses occasioned thereby.

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